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The Windup Girl

The Windup Girl is set in 23rd-century Thailand. Global warming has raised the level of world's oceans, carbon fuel sources have become depleted, and manually wound springs are used as energy storage devices. The scene I focused on features around the SpringLife Factory, owned by Anderson Lake the protagonist, this is moderate size production line style factory producing “Kink Springs” (a type of battery with workings similar to a clockwork toy but on a much larger scale).



The Factory is set in the fictional industrial district of Bangkok which is surrounded by markets and housing for its many workers. Without the use of carbon fuels, many operations in the factory are completed through manual labour of both the workers and a team of genetically engineered elephants called megodonts, who power provide the majority of the power for the factory turning. The Factory itself is split into several sections; the power section which features the megodonts and has offshoots to the foreman’s office as well as the locker rooms for the workers. Further along, there is a metal foundry-style area where the springs are produced. Finally, at the end of the factory, there are distilling tanks where a type of algae is grown which coats the spring. These are left to dry and from there a conveyor belt takes them through to the assembly rooms which won’t be shown on camera.


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